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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Apology to recent comment writers

Several comments written by various readers, particularly on the previous post, including I think from Rajdeep, Saikat, Subhanjan, Sreetama, Tanmoy, Shalini, Siddhartha and a few others got accidentally deleted while I was editing this blog. My sincere apologies. This sort of thing rarely happens. Would you folks care to take the trouble to send over those comments once more, if it is not asking too much?


siddhartha pal said...

No problem Sir we will again post it.

Subhanjan Sengupta said...


My comment on the Kumaon trip is now visible; earlier it was not. I had reposted it as I did not see the earlier one. The content is same. I always save my comment on a word file before posting it online. But I forgot to save the content of a comment to an earlier blog post of yours. But thank you very much for the kind gesture of putting up a separate post asking us to send over earlier comments.

Yours Sincerely,