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Thursday, July 19, 2018

I am thrilled

...to see that old and lovingly written posts such as the one on The Mahabharata have suddenly climbed to the top of the most-read list, and old posts like the one I wrote about one of Google's billionaire owners going to work on a bicycle have appeared there too. It is obvious that some people are browsing vigorously through my blog, and my thanks are due to them.

What puzzles me is the complete lack of comments. Are people having trouble posting them? Note that before posting a comment you must log in with your google i.d. and password, click the box which says 'I am not a robot', press 'publish' and little things like that before the system will allow you to send anything over. And it's all done much more conveniently on a large screen; with a tiny mobile phone, you are very likely to miss out on one thing or the other!

1 comment:

Suvro Chatterjee said...

Oops... problem solved. For some reason gmail had stopped sending me notifications about new comments on the blog, and I had been too unmindful to look up the 'comments awaiting moderation' page on the blog dashboard itself. I'll be more careful in future. All pending comments have been put up now, I think. If anybody is waiting to see a carefully-written comment being posted, please let me know by email, phone or whatsapp.