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Friday, August 15, 2014

15th August

मा, तुझे सालाम।  

আমার এই দেশেতেই জন্ম, যেন এই দেশেতেই মরি। 


Abhishek Anand said...

Respected Sir,

Today is a day which brings many hopes and seems to rejuvenate the entire nation with fresh energy. If only we could utilize this energy better for the rest of the year, we could perhaps make our motherland golden again.

Anyway, I would like to present few quotations which highlight the greatness of our nation:

Abdullah Wassaf says in his Tazjiyatul Amsar (1300 CE), "The charms of the country and the softness of the air, together with the variety of its wealth, precious metal, stones, and other abundant productions, are beyond description." In a poetical note, he adds, "If it is asserted that Paradise is in India; Be not surprised because Paradise itself is not comparable to it."

Lin Yutang, Chinese scholar and author, also wrote that: "India was China's teacher in trigonometry, quadratic equations, grammar, phonetics..." and so forth.
Francois Voltaire also stated: "... everything has come down to us from the banks of the Ganges."

Max Muller said, "If I were to look over the whole world to find out the country most richly endowed with all the wealth, power and beauty that nature can bestow–in some parts a very paradise on earth–I should point to India. If I were asked under what sky the human mind has most fully developed some of its choicest gifts, has most deeply pondered on the greatest problems of life, and has found solutions of some of them which well deserve the attention even of those who have studied Plato and Kant–I should point to India. And if I were to ask myself from what literature we, here in Europe, we who have been nurtured almost exclusively on the thoughts of Greeks and Romans, and of one Semitic race, the Jewish, may draw that corrective which is most wanted in order to make our inner life more perfect, more comprehensive, more universal, in fact more truly human, a life not for this life only, but a transfigured and eternal life–again I should point to India."

Will Durant, American historian: "India was the motherland of our race, and Sanskrit the mother of Europe's languages: she was the mother of our philosophy; mother, through the Arabs, of much of our mathematics; mother, through the Buddha, of the ideals embodied in Christianity; mother, through the village community, of self-government and democracy. Mother India is in many ways the mother of us all."

Hu Shih, former Ambassador of China to USA had said, "India conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border."

I hope that our nation will rise to regain some of its old glory and guide the entire mankind. If I can contribute towards it, I would believe that I have done my 'karma', as I know that you have put your efforts in this direction(in fact, you do it everyday!).

Finally, sir, I conclude by saying that I was born in India, and I too will die here.

May Mother India be Glorious again. JAI HIND!

Yours faithfully,
Abhishek Anand

Saikat Chakraborty said...

Dear Sir,

'Sarthak Janam Amar...' to setai Sir. However, it is astonishing how you can keep the flare still alive.

On the other hand, here is a link to a video that somewhat resembles some of the things you have always said-

With regards,

Suvro Chatterjee said...

Thank you both, Abhishek and Saikat.

I have tried to be 'that change' as a teacher all my life. I wonder if I have had any effect at all. Anyway, 'tis God shall pay/ I am safer so. And India can look after herself. Be that change in your own lives in your turn. What more can an old teacher expect of you?