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Thursday, October 10, 2013

pujo once more

It's pujo time once more, and everybody who knows me knows too what I feel about it (see the post titled Bengal's annual madness if you don't). What is new this time is that I shall be in Calcutta - for the first time in nearly thirty years, I think. Only because my family is there, of course. Wish me luck. And have a happy pujo your own way, everybody, without hurting yourself or making too much of a nuisance of yourself if possible.

Oh, of one thing I am glad, I cannot hide it: there's rabindrasangeet in the air, thankfully, instead of the crassest kind of noise from Bollywood 'superhits' that has passed for music in this country for longer than I can remember. And though there's been a brief respite from the rains since yesterday, there's a pretty serious cyclone coming up from the Bay of Bengal, I hear...


ananya mukherjee said...

Dear Sir,
Good luck and a very very happy pujo to you and your family.
lots of love

akash ganguly said...

Dear Sir,

Wishing a safe, happy pujo for you. I do request you post about the pujo at Kolkata as you see it after those thirty years. Goodbye now.


Sunandini Mukherjee said...

Dear Sir,
It is good to hear that you are spending this pujo with your family at Kolkata.I hope that you can spend some very good time there(away from the loudspeakers and the madding crowd that you face in Durgapur,unless ofcourse similar thins happen near your house in Kolkata).
For the last four years,before the puja vacation I heard "Moja koris kintu sabdhane,jar tar motorbike e chapis na ar sustho thakis".This year I as missing these words before I found that you had said those in in blogpost.Thankyou Sir.Good luck and i wish you a very happy pujo!

Navin said...

Dear Sir,

I wish a very happy pujo to you and your family. I hope you have great fun in Kolkata.



Rajdeep said...

Shubho Bijoya. Pranaam.
Greetings and best wishes to you, Boudi and Pupu. Happy Pujas. I'm sure the Rabindrasangeet sounds much better than the B stuff!!
Wish you good health and good cheer and a very Happy Birthday in advance.

Suvro Chatterjee said...

Many thanks, all. I am grateful. I hope all of you had a happy pujo, too.