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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Thanks, and another request!

I am delighted to see that so many people have already responded positively to my last request, with suggestions for writing and with enlistment on the followers list. Thanks very much indeed. I am not the conceited sort who says ‘I write only for myself’ with a haughty air: I write because I want to communicate, and I want to draw like-minded people close to me, and I love to know, again and again, that there are many like-minded people in the world. It is with that purpose that I have been writing since mid-2006. Now I have a target which excites me. As you can see, the number of visits has crossed 40,000 (actually one must add about 4,500 to that, because that was the number when I last accidentally uninstalled the counter), and the number of followers stands at 112 at the moment of writing. Will you all help me to celebrate the fourth birthday by pushing up the number of followers to 150 and the number of visits to 50,000 (that needs only about 5000 more visits by July – a not impractical target, I think). That will really give me the feeling that I have become a serious blogger now! Think about it, all, and pitch in.

And meanwhile, keep the suggestions flowing. Every now and then a bright idea will spark off something in my head, and presto, a new blogpost will be in the making!


Subha said...

Sir, that is not a difficult task at all. If no one does, I can take up the task of increasing the number of visits by as much as I can, because in my office I do not get the chance to read a single post at a time. I have to read a post in bits and pieces because of frequent interruptions.

I was not a follower till today morning, but now I have also added myself to the list of followers.

I told one of my friends to read your blog and he is really really impressed after reading your writings...
I think I can persuade him to become a follower also.

Suvro Chatterjee said...

Well, don't get me wrong! I only want those who seriously and regularly read my blog to enlist as 'followers', not artificially inflated numbers.



I wanted to bring to your notice that the content of this topic "Thanks, and another request", has been published in a font that is different from the one that you have been using in all the other topics (possibly "Trebuchet MS").
As a software tester,I feel such irregularities poke the eyes of the reader.
Although its a small issue, still if you can please correct the font then it would help in maintaining the regularity of the blog.

Soumik K Dutta.
(2001 Batch - St.Xavier's)

Suvro Chatterjee said...

Thanks for writing, Soumik Kanti. But your comment puzzles me: on my computer, I can see no difference between the font I have used for this post and the one I generally use by default!

At the same time, I do now and then use a different font deliberately, because some readers have told me that having to read things in the same font again and again makes it boring. Opinions differ so much...!

I shall be glad if you comment now and then on the contents of some blogpost that catches your fancy.

Best wishes.