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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Are folks really reading this blog?

I am getting a little puzzled, you see. My sitemeter counter assures me there have been 600-plus visits to my blog since I uploaded my last post, and for a provincial homebound non-celebrity, that is something to be surprised and pleased about, certainly. But the same sitemeter figures tell me that the average reading time is just a few minutes: which means that far from browsing through my older posts, most visitors don't even take the time needed to read through my home-page article slowly and carefully. Obviously that also explains why, apart from those who write senseless and ignorant abuse, so few people get back with serious and intelligent comments!
One recently-acquired aficionado has complained about why I don't write more frequently. Intelligent, informed and decent comments/suggestions/criticism will certainly go a long way to fire me with enthusiasm.


Tanmoy Chakrabarti said...

Dear Suvroda,

I have read all your posts and check your blog everyday if there is something new on it. Please do keep on writing.

At times sitemeters are misleading when it comes to micro data that they claim to provide.

Though I sincerely wish there is more participation on your blogs.

Please do not stop writing. I know many people (my associates) who read your blog but I am also amazed why people do not comment. In fact, in my current blog post I have literally asked people to refrain from reading me without commenting (I know it is harsh but cannot help it).

But please do not stop writing.


sriranjani, in search of a true meaning said...

The problem is-- you have only a few regular visitors to your blog. They are the ones who post comments regularly.
These folks visit your post to see if any new comments have been posted.(at least I do). This results in the increase in the number of viewers but only for a few minutes as we have already gone through your post.

Keep writing and encouraging even dull minds like us to think.

Sayantani said...

Dear Sir,

Talking about myself - I do read your blog quite regularly. And, I did have something to say on your last post and also on the post of your tour to the hill stations (hope I'll stop giving the bad alibis and write something soon). Actually, my creativity had been on the tricky edges for quite sometime (my pre-board exams were going on - following the death of a near relative - and then, without letting us have a break we (me and my poor peers) were suddenly burdened with project-works, assignments and board practical exams), so I decided better not to write anything than writing something-bla-bla-just-for-the-sake-of-writing... Hope you'll forgive the insolence of this little admirer of yours.

Do keep writing! There might be varied and obscure reasons why people reading your posts don't care to write comments, but surely you do have readers :-)...

With high regards,

Kishore Penmetsa said...


I posted an essay after reading your blog on exams today but after I finished typing and hit the submit button, an error shows up and it is lost. I will keep reading your blogs and posting comments about them.