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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

End of my tether!

One of my abiding sorrows is that those who like me tend to keep quiet about it, while those who hate me insanely are very vociferous and energetic about expressing themselves, often in very uncouth language. That is what has started happening on my blog already, so I have been forced, as of today, to enable comment moderation: meaning that pure garbage stemming from ignorance, stupidity, blind envy and prejudice, and sheer inability to read (let alone reflect!) will hereafter be kept out. While I am thankful to Abhirup, Raunak and Navin for rallying so promptly to my aid, I thought I had a hundred-plus other 'friends' on orkut, but not ten have bothered yet to tell the likes of Sudipto why they don't think that people would be 'wasting time' reading the blog of a 'hypocrite' like me. I did say that criticism and suggestions are welcome - far be it from me to seek the blind adulation of morons - but when the only kind of 'criticism' that starts coming in is malicious and repetitive rubbish (some of which I have just deleted), and few of my appreciative readers can bother to take the trouble to refute such rubbish strongly, I guess the time has come for me to do something about it. Anyone who posts a comment from now onwards merely to tell me what a bad man I am will no longer be accommodated. They can all go ahead and make their own hate sites, and I wish them great success. I might even give them a few ideas!


Navin said...

I fully commend your decision to moderate your comments. It will save you a lot of your energy.
Also I think you should continue to write your articles even if you find support from just a mere few, or else you would be like the several others, who didn't do much for the society saying that they do not tend to affect it in anyway. Even if you are affecting 5 people , you would be eventually affecting millions. I remember the examples you used to give in class, of people who were lone warriors for some causes and they did affect many people , despite them being the only ones fighting for that cause. The examples were medha patkar and sundar lal bahuguna.
I think that you are doing a wonderfull job, even if it is misunderstood by some as "gyaan decche". At least you are better than those who do not do it just for the sake of fear of public admonition.
And for the readers of this blog , I just want to point out, that even with the profficiency in english of Suvro sir , I can imagine him spending lots of time for this blog,(writing, replying to emails etc etc) where as he need not do it. He may as well as "live selfishly" and read more and more books which he certainly likes doing a lot.

Also to Suvro sir: Sir I have my critiques for many of the blogs which you have written down, especially the ones about how your life has not changed, but I rather write a coherent piece, with correct spellings and hopefully suppported by credible evidence. I am searching for some references for stuff I want to write as a reply to that blog and that is why I do not comment that often, because I do think, that for all the effort that you put in you do deserve at least a piece written in reasonable, correct english. I have advised my friends to do the same who have quite caught the fancy of reading your blogs.

Ankan said...

Firstly, I have always experienced that Love in general is not as vociferously expressed as hate or anger- rather people who actually like you hardly ever explicitly tell you that, yet you should not assume their silence implies indifference.
Why does this make you sorrowful?
Secondly, of course you should enable comment moderation if you feel that the comments you receive are rubbish and maligning in nature. That is purely a personal decision. Again, why do you need the likes of Sudipto to be told that they are actually fools?
Abhirup very clinically pointed out several flaws staring out from his post. But why pay any attention at all to posts like that which are opinionated and prejudiced from any point of view? If you are worried that other people might get actually biased into thinking that reading your blog is a waste of time, then I pity such people. But I doubt the chances of that happening- any stranger reading your post and his comment can easily make out which one makes more sense.
I had told you previously itself that you would be highly disappointed if you start taking the word "friends" on orkut in the literal meaning of the word. Personally I didn't even care to pay any attention to Sudipto's comment- but then again that was my point of view!

Sudipto Basu said...

Just to make things clearer, I am not the "sudipto" in the mentioned comment. I was actually terrified to see that there is someone with my name has said something bad about Suvro Sir. It's not me, and please don't misunderstand me for that chap. My namesake is clearly biased against Sir.

Suvro Chatterjee said...

One thing that I would like my friends and well-wishers to note is that all those who write offensive trash take good care not to reveal their identities: not even an email i.d.! That says all we want to know about such creatures, doesn't it?

babelfish said...

This has long been one of the problems in the blogsphere; because there is the option of anonymity, cowards are afforded the opportunity to say things they would not dare utter in public.
You've had one individual indulging in personal malice; I've seen several hate-blogs which say the most vile things possible; usually about female bloggers.
I know there are people, on orkut, as well as here, who vent their frustrations with reality by pretending to be hotshots in the virtual world. Comment moderation is a good thing; such people rarely have anything worthwhile to say.

On reflection, I see I haven't said anything particularly worthwhile either. Was busy with work, haven't been blogging for a while and didn't see the comment warfare. Alas, for I would've dearly loved to have said nasty things to that objectionable young loser. But you have wonderful students. Respekt.

Indrajit said...

I agree with you Bablefish. It has always been a strange but prevalent psychology of stupid ignorant fools to write something 'great' anywhere..A sort of itch u can say that they cant resist and ultimately may be either on the last page of their note book or an idle rock on a mountain or may be even inside public toilets, they write nonsense to give vent to their suppressed feelings..
The same happened with Sudipto(for whom I pray for a faster recovery). The fact that Sudipto didn't realise is that the so called 'fans' of Mr. Suvro Chatterjee do not consider Sir as a 'tutor' but as a 'mentor'.Sir, infact you have taken the right decission in keeping dirt or rubbish away from this blog.Just shun them without giving a second opinion.