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Monday, August 10, 2015

Bizarre highways

I truly liked this video. The 'Singing Highway' made me think 'What a lovely idea!', the Karakoram Highway left me worried, the one crossing an aircraft runway made me gasp, and the one that gets the prize is the one which doesn't allow cars to ply, except for rare exceptions.

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Shilpi said...

I thoroughly enjoyed that list too today! I was going to include a bit elsewhere but I’ve got to say that for the ‘wildest dream’ one The Atlantic Ocean Road is the one which gave me the gentle willies but also made me feel quite sure that I’d driven through it more than once (of course I never have! – what an idea) and could do it again. The video is only deceptively peaceful. The mighty Atlantic Ocean spews its waters on that highway. The one which crosses the runway made me chuckle especially with the voice telling the pedestrian to be clear of the runway. It’s not that scary though from the looks of it – seems to work like traintracks and roadways (haha). There was one list with the most dangerous airports in the world and Gibraltar was on that list as well, I remember. I don’t know quite why it was built that way though.