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Friday, May 29, 2015

Down but not out

Something unexpected and thoroughly nasty happened to me recently. Read about it as seen through my daughter's eyes, here


Shilpi said...

Dear Suvro da, I can't help but send all my wishes to you for a complete and peaceful recovery. I read Pupu's post(God bless her)and I'm enormously grateful she wrote it and that you prodded her to write it too (as she puts it in) and that you directed your readers to it. I'm terribly sorry you had such a horrible accident but I'll say that the most important thing is that you're NOT out! Please don't over strain yourself. And if you can please don’t smoke too much. I shan’t add any other bits that might make you feel growly. I'll hope though that you're a bit of a 'patient patient' this time and your recovery isn't irksome at all.

After reading Pupu's post I was asking aloud, how did you write this little post? Surely you didn't climb the stairs...maybe you've got Pupu's laptop and a dongle?

There are threads of thought which are now jostling around. I’ll send this for now otherwise it will be a letter.

Welcome back.


Sunup said...

May God grant you a quick recovery. And how lucky you are to have such a mature, loving, and caring child.

Krishanu Sadhu said...

Dear Sir ,

I'm feeling very agonized by this turn of events . May you get back on your feet real soon. Your mental energy and strength is formidable , I'm very soon all the pain will soon fade away.

Krishanu Sadhu