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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

TMD status update

(signing Arnab Chakraborty's copy of TMD for him because he insisted. And he sent me the photo :) )

I am pleasantly surprised by the early feedback about To My Daughter (see previous post). It was released only a couple of weeks ago, and apparently it has already sold a couple of hundred copies online! If some of the numerous ‘likes’ on our Facebook page translate into sales, it will keep selling some more. So the time might not be far off when the book will be on display in stores, too. 

There is another sort of feedback – something much more valuable and heartwarming – that I am now looking forward to. First, those who have already read the book telling me (and not in one-liners!) how they liked it, and passing on the word to friends and relatives, so that they too might have a chance to read the book and judge for themselves. Some messages I have already begun to receive, such as an ex-student’s father writing ‘Thank you for letting us know you better’, a current student coming over with a list of very interesting questions, and someone who was never directly my student writing ‘I am no longer sad I couldn’t attend your classes!’ I should be very glad indeed to get more of the same. And will be even more if some people write in to say that the book has been an eye-opener in some ways, and a help in some others. Exactly why I wrote it in the first place.

Holding the book in my hands gives me a wonderful inner glow. And it doesn’t matter whether it sells well. I shall be able to leave behind more than a little of good things for my daughter and many others like her: that’s all that counts. But, as I have said in the book itself, if it does sell, and much more importantly, if it does get read, a lot of people will have reason to thank me, tomorrow or many years later…

‘Justify your existence!’ I heard the terrible injunction long ago. With TMD, I shall be able to do that for myself to my heart’s content.


Saikat Chakraborty said...

Dear Sir,

The book was delivered to me yesterday and I have started reading it again. Although I read from the soft copy and your own print from the book, I guess nothing is comparable to the feeling of reading from an actually published book. It is such a pleasure to see your name in printed letters. Now that the book is expected to reach a wider audience, many people will reflect and contemplate about the book and it is nice to know that although most of us, readers, might never come to know each other, yet there is a chord of harmony that will run through us because of a single person who wrote this book.

Sir, to quote from your words, ‘you will look the same prince charming even with the dust of millennia in your bones’ because of what you have done and what you will leave behind. Thanks for everything.

With regards,

Shilpi said...

This was a status update that came at a perfect time for me. The picture is an absolutely fine one (thank you for putting it up and to Arnab for clicking it; I felt that this post was lacking a picture but didn’t know what picture you could put up with this post) but the best thing for me is to know that you're feeling a 'wonderful inner glow' while holding the book in your hands. I was so sure you'd feel some radiant glow three weeks ago but then fell in sad doubt while listening to you and arguing. That's what I'd been asking you a couple of weeks ago, 'how does it look and feel?' – and now you’ve given me an answer. Thank you. I haven't seen or touched the book as yet (I’ll wait to see it the first time at least). But given that this is real and not a figment of my imagination and that you say you feel 'a wonderful inner glow' and given that you rattled out one utterly unexpected line over the phone in winter in December to include in your book to Pupu - I can't help but feel that a few of the best, deepest, dearest and most precious dreams do come true after all…so I should stick with the faith.

Where did you hear that injunction?

As for the book selling well and being read by lots and lots of people - you've said what you need to about that and I'm looking forward to your book being there in bookshops.

I do hope too that people – who’ve read TMD or have questions or comments while reading your book, start posting them on your website (I read your Facebook comment). They can start new threads and for different chapters too.

I’m glad you’re getting feedback and terribly curious about what your readers are saying about what you've written. I can’t though agree with the person who doesn’t miss attending your classes. I still wish I could sit in your classes now and then even if I didn’t attend them when I was a school-girl – well, barring one evening, which I still feel was nothing short of quietly blessed grace.

This post reminds me of your post sequence for 'Ten years of flying solo - yay!'. I'll wish you a belated 'Happy Anniversary' for 12 years of flying solo now. I remembered on the 8th but I forgot to wish you.

So much for now.

Anonymous said...


Reading the book was a pleasure and I surprised my daughter by finishing the book in 3 days' time.

I can now say, that I know you a little better than I did a few months back. You are not just "Titli's Sir" to me any more.

"Expect the Unexpected" is my favourite chapter and I can read it over and over again. Thank you for that personal piece.

I wish I could write and then I could have left behind something worthwhile for my daughter. But alas!



Sriranjani said...
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Anonymous said...


I must say, this blog-post of yours warmed my heart truly! As you know, I have been through this feeling of 'holding your own creation' in your own hands and it is no less than the first-time feeling of parenthood ! Reading your lines, I am feeling happy and proud for you at the same time !

I am eagerly waiting to start reading the book once I am back from my tour next week..I got to know that it has been delivered to my address already. The various feedback that you have received on TMD which you have referred here, only increases my desire to read the book ASAP !

Having been in touch with both Sriranjani and Shilpi on the progress of the sales and distribution of TMD, I must say I am greatly pleased with the burst it has received in the initial days! Am eagerly waiting to see TMD in the bookstores and in the hands of people who will pick up the book on its merit itself!

Here's wishing that TMD reaches as many readers as possible and has a successful run in the bookstores too !

Best regards,

Sayan Bhattacharya

Suvro Chatterjee said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Sayan.

As I said, I am not expecting much. That way the smallest good thing that happens comes as a pleasant surprise!