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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Summer of 2014

I recently got my house painted, after ages. That's a picture above. Must say it looks fresh and cheerful.

Summer has set in in right earnest: by 9 it becomes blazing hot outdoors, and without my dark glasses I'd be blinded. Thank God for the airconditioners, and the swimming pool, and the chilled Budweisers! While in the pool, especially when my daughter is with me, I am happy enough to be humming Nat King Cole's 'Those lazy hazy crazy days of summer', though the man himself would have been aghast if he had been asked to sing it in this kind of heat. Sometimes I go with a favourite ex-student. For a few pictures of the pool, click here

I am waiting for the krishnachura and radhachura to burst out in a bloom of crimson and gold, and the first of the nor'westers, which have been playing truant this year...

Some people try very hard to make me unhappy, but don't succeed. On the other hand, some really make my day, like the old girl whose email I found in my inbox first thing in the morning a few days ago: 'Sir, I had to tell you this: you are a little like Atticus Finch!' So, where the bad and the boring are concerned, I can afford to smile with Tagore, dhulaar ja dhon taha jete dao dhulite... I am looking forward to my holiday trip already.


Shilpi said...

This was a most unexpected post to find (and right after the previous one). I saw the pictures of that very blue pool (I've been waiting to see it from 2009, so thank you) and of Pupu looking cheery and heard that song by Nat King Cole (after heaven knows how long). I didn't know you heard and even sang (and/or hummed) songs by him but maybe I should have guessed. That picture on your blog looks like a dream image somehow. I can't quite explain why.

The last time I had Budweiser with my friend is the first time I didn't miss my old friend. I hope it was not the last time I had that beer and with my friend near.

I'm sure I saw a krishnachura in full bloom some days ago but for the life of me I can't remember where I saw it. I don't think it was a dream but can't be absolutely sure.

I'll wish you happy days and for your holiday trip too. The one thing I'm looking forward to is a time when you have the time to do whatever you want and to spend it however you want...I'll say an 'Amen' to this.

I was about to comment for your previous post but I'll save it.

Happy Easter Monday.

Anonymous said...

Suvro'da, Your post does come with a burst of happiness and like a whiff of summer breeze which soothes you despite the heat! Reading your post made me remember the childhood summer afternoons during vacations when we would lazily spend time with story books indoors, and await for the sun to tilt a bit to the west when we could go out for a game of cricket with our friends. But now sadly, story books are read on kindle and cricket..on IPL ! Ahem! The swimming pool pictures and comments, brought back to my mind my summer vacations spent in my maternal uncle's house in the village where spending time in the village pond was a delight with cool breeze from the trees around! Sans the beer of course!
Enjoy the delightful times and keep sharing the joy with us Suvro'da.. And where are you off to for your holidays and when ?


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post sir it was a great fun reading it and off course sir how are you? And yes sir its really getting hotter day by day.

Suvro Chatterjee said...

I try to bounce back, always. And, as the greatest Bengali said, jahaar torey chokkhu buje bhashiye dilam osru shaagor, tahare baad diyao dekhi bishwa bhuban mosto daagor... so, no human will ever get me down for long, not even my own daughter. The world is beautiful, and I shall drink life to the lees until I die. People who let go of me have, I am sure, found better folks to consort with. I am content to let them go. I shall make my own way ahead. "Each day speaks a new scene/ the last Act crowns the play".

Tanmoy said...

Dear Suvroda
The post, the sight of the house and the pool is excellent. Do you have to drive a fair bit to reach the pool?
I have experienced the heat in Durgapur but I think it is only getting hotter by the day. Despite that I hope you have a lovely summer ahead, with the full suite of first rains, flowers and all.
The swimming pool looks like a lifeline. This is something which has kept our weekends occupied here as well.
My best wishes are always with you.
Kind regards


Dear Sir,
Mon kharap koren na sir. Kal Baisakhi apnar ghore asbei... mone hoi sare panchtar agei asbe..ektu apekha karun."kal Baisakhi asche"....

Ankita Thakur said...

Dear sir,
Sir..you had been teaching us since the last year and I can surely say sir..it's indeed a really tough job or rather impossible to make you sad. Sir that is what makes you our favourite, always happy, fun loving, humorous yet serious( or too serious at times) when needed. And as far as summer is concerned, then sir, baishakhi na ele oo.. Brishti eshe gache sir!. Sir, the untimely rains have indeed enhanced the beauty of your newly painted house!