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Sunday, December 01, 2013

The shape of things to come?

Hunger - what a dirty word! - has not gone away from the Third World, and is gradually becoming rife and rampant in the First World again, too gross and obvious to hide, even as the number of billionaires multiplies. See here. So I am hoping for more literature of the likes of Dickens and Hugo and Steinbeck and Tagore and Bibhutibhushan and Premchand in the years to come, and less of the type that deals with the trivial angst of pampered,vapid techies and fashion models, the type about whom it can be truly said that once you've seen one you've seen them all, the type which, if they die by the million, will not be missed by anyone outside their families, and that for not more than a few months...

Many thanks to young Akash Ganguly for drawing my attention to this article. Here is a 15-year old I can respect much more than most people his parents' age...

and in this connection, here's a five-year old post of mine. As I like to boast, since I don't write about toys, nothing really dates on my blog.


Biswajit said...

Dear Sir ,

A few months ago while I was going from one tuition to another with my friend (we were walking) we stopped to have our tiffin . I was about to start eating mine when an elderly woman (judging by her appearance, it seemed as if she had not eaten for days) came up to me and asked for a little food . I gave away my entire sandwich while my friend kept on eating his tiffin...

Once he had finished eating , he laughed at me and said , "What a fool!"

I really couldn't find words to say..

Acts of kindness are close to extinction and many selfish and dishonest people are getting rich (mostly by unfair means) but all they care about is themselves . Who cares if the beggar on the street starves to death? Who cares if he dies of thirst ? Such is the world that except the small minority none will bother to even look at the poor and helpless leave alone caring...

Things around me keep reminding me of the story How much land does a man require… If one isn’t satisfied with what he has, he will never be satisfied no matter how much he gets. Unfortunately , the greed for wealth is too common a disease....

With regards,
Biswajit Biswas

akash ganguly said...

Dear Sir,

Thank you that you read the article and even put it on your blogroll. This is the first time I'm commenting so I took some time to do it(lest I send an erroneous comment to you). And I agree with what you think about hunger haunting the lives of many, and the government's ignorance about this in the country.


Saikat Chakraborty said...

Dear Sir,

I think the same would go for the world of movies. We hope to witness the rebirth of great directors like Satyajit Ray. I am sharing an article (which I hope won't be too unrelated to the post)-

With regards,