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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bye bye, 2012...

It’s the 18th of December, and the year is rapidly drawing to a close. I was just as busy or lazy as I have been for ages, and yet the year has zipped by so fast that I can hardly believe my eyes when I look at the calendar and see that it’s time for my year-end holiday again. I have stepped into my fiftieth year; my daughter has grown up to finish secondary school, and in another ten years’ time I can definitely start thinking of myself as an old man, and acting accordingly, demanding from the world the consideration that old age can expect after having lived through decades of hard and continuous work and paid my dues. Even the government will start giving me the privileges legally due to a senior citizen, fancy that!

On the whole this has been a pretty uneventful year, not just for myself but for mankind as a whole (discounting the possibility that the world will be destroyed in three days’ time). Of course there have been the usual chills, thrills and spills, Olympics and terrorist attacks and continuing wars and celebrity hatches, matches and despatches, but little that would be remembered as major historical landmarks (do tell me if you think otherwise, referring to specific incidents that you consider world changing – only if you have a historical consciousness, of course, and don’t imagine that the launch of iPhone 5 too is a phenomenon worth noting). My generation is reaching the age when no news is likely to be good news, so I am glad that this was another year that passed quietly, smoothly, without too many and too nasty hiccups. And that I found a lot of time for myself, reading, watching movies, writing, chatting up old boys, walking and swimming and meditating…

In a comment on the first post of the year, I wrote “the rest of the story will be my daughter’s”. Well, my wife’s too, actually, because she’s building up her own career with gusto now. So as my daughter grows more independent and career oriented, and the family depends less and less on my income, I can look forward to easing up gradually, and turn my attention to doing things I love doing more. What I’d love to do most, of course, is what the place I live in has still not grown used to giving me on a large enough scale – mentoring and giving quality companionship to children and those not so young, rather than tutoring for this or that examination; something that I have always been good at and enjoyed hugely, something that I have always considered the best and most important part of my work as a teacher, something that is the essential thing, I believe, that the scores of young people who have been positively affected by my classes remember and miss and keep coming back for, when all the course material that I taught has been long forgotten, something that I have always done for a few people at a time, with and without payment, for ages now, something that I regard as my USP and know for a fact that precious few teachers can provide these days, at the kindergarten level or the university. Let’s see whether I can mould my services more and more into that shape with the passage of years, and whether there grows a sizeable enough market for it. That will be my next big adventure!

And with that I bow out for a while. This may quite possibly be the last post of this year.


Saikat Chakraborty said...

Dear Sir,

Even after all the vilification you had to face for being a 'Teacher with a difference', it is really inspiring how you can maintain such a sunny outlook to life. May Almighty be with you always and help you to show many others the road to the good life. Also, I wish Boudi and Pupu all success in their endeavour.

With regards,

Shilpi said...

Boudi has my best wishes for her career. Pupu has my blessings, luck and love, and I pray she's as different from me as possible in not a few ways. You've got my best wishes and all for your next big adventure.

A week and a half ago I was trying to express the thought that the parents and your students come to you for something more/other than whatever course requirements and exams there might be for their syllabus although this seems to be the putative reason, and a visible reason as to how they get to make your acquaintance. I've been wondering how what you do for the young and not-so-young can be encapsulated by some perfect descriptor in this day and age so that folks there can visibly stop caring about this or that particular course or exam but simply accept that the the best thing they can do is to come to you...and that you can see your market burgeoning on such terms.

I can't quite believe that 2 years have almost gone by since you wrote your short piece for the year-end in 2010, Suvro da. Nor can I believe that the last time I sat and conversed with you - you were about as old as I am (agewise) and Pupu was tall but tiny enough to fit on my lap in that swing chair you used to have in your balcony.

As for 2012, I'm more than glad you found a lot of time for yourself this year, and to do what you did. You'll say that you could have done lots more - to which I'll nod. I'm not sure of too many things but I'm now sure that I was right all along in thinking you bend time, and you make time bend for others too, I think. It's too early to make the New Year wish as yet, and I'm sort of hoping that you might put up a shortie before this year runs its course. As for that historical event - I don't know...but if life still persists on the planet maybe in another 2 years down the line I'll be able to come up with something. I'll say my 'Amen'. Take care.

Sayan Datta said...

May God bless you and your family, Sir. May you work exactly the way you want to. I do not know if this will sound exaggerated and I don't really care if it does, but I believe the world needs you... Looking forward to remaining in close touch for many lifetimes and more...

Debarshi Saha said...

Dear Sir,

Warm regards.Best wishes to you and your family,and God bless you all,Sir.Your story can never cease to be,Sir,simply because you haven't stopped writing it! Each and every moment,every passing day-you write it in ever more beautiful ways.Just keep writing it,Sir,because its through your stories that so often I find the beginnings of mine.

You have so very many well-wishers,Sir,that my voice might be lost out-still,the wishes do remain!

Best wishes,

Tanmoy said...

Dear Suvroda

Hope the rest of the days in this year and the New Year bring loads of joy and happiness to you all.


Rajdeep said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2013 in advance. Have a pleasant vacation.

Rashmi Datta said...

Dear Sir,

This is a heartwarming post. May God always bless you and your family. My best wishes to both Boudi and Pupu for their future endeavors.

Your sense of balance never stops amazing and inspiring me, Sir. You have never compromised on your ideals and values but you have also fulfilled your responsibilities as a family man. Your dreams and sense of adventure sends a revitalizing spark through me. May you show light to many more young and not so young people. Wish you all the luck and success for your next big adventure.

Warm regards

Suvro Chatterjee said...

I shall be off on holiday tomorrow morning, so for about ten days I'll log on to the net only off and on (no, I don't have - or feel a need for - a net connection on my cellphone). So this is chipping in only to say thank you to all who have written in with good wishes. That is the only thing I can never have enough of! In this season of yuletide and good cheer, I wish warmth and closeness and love and happiness to all; even those who can't help hating me (them more than all others, in fact). Take care, everybody, and have a very Merry Christmas.