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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Eyebrows raised very high

Nearly seven hundred visits since I put up the last post. There are a few new comments on my daughter's post, for which I wish to say thanks. There have been virtually none on the other two, despite my request. I am wondering more and more what sort of people keep visiting my blog, and why.

P.S., October 16: There, that's another week gone by, and another 400-plus visits too, and not a single comment on any post yet. Either people are having trouble sending comments (though I cannot for the life of me figure out what sort of trouble they might have - they can even email me to tell me about it!), or they cannot think of anything to say on anything at all that I write, or they are simply too busy or too lazy to exert themselves; though why there should still be hundreds of visits every week in that case, God alone knows... In any case, here's a decision I have taken. Already there is a large corpus of writing on this blog: those who are merely keen to visit and read up old posts without commenting are welcome to carry on; I'm not taking the blog off the net (yet). But there will be a big slowdown in writing future posts. All these years I have been writing regularly, methodically, assiduously, as I do everything else; from now onwards, I shall write much more sparingly, only when I feel a strong urge. And maybe if and when a considerable number of new comments come in. No point in working so hard when the audience insists on impersonating a dumb wall (this was one of the reasons why I quit journalism in favour of teaching long ago, and at least in those days I was paid for writing, however little). Those who want can go back to the two earliest posts I wrote here, where I explained why I was starting a blog. That might also go some way to explain why I am now growing weary...

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