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Friday, August 20, 2010


I have regretfully removed several blogs from my list titled ‘Blogs I visit’, for no other reason but the fact that these blog writers (despite repeated prodding and nudging from me) have not been writing for many months together. Maybe they have given it up as a bad job. Writing needs patience, time, skill, and most importantly, having things to say again and again: I suppose many people start off for a lark, and very soon they run out of steam, or become busy with ‘more important’ things like having affairs, going on shopping or drinking binges, or job hunting… in any case, I don’t see any point keeping these dead or dormant blogs on my list of favourites any more. Suvro Sarkar, Sreejith, Rochishnu, Supra, Debaroon – let me know if and when you start writing frequently again (by which I mean at least once a month: I myself write as often as ten times); then I shall put your blog back in that list once more. Arani I am still keeping for a while there, because, though he posts only once in a blue moon, he invariably makes uncommonly good reading. The same goes for Tanmoy and Alka. I know they have their problems, and are often hard-pressed for time, but I shall keep wishing to see them writing.

In that same blogroll I have included a few other sites that I often visit. I urge my visitors to try some of those sites now and then: that will not only give them a better idea about my interests, but some food for thought too (besides material for writing better essays and for school/college projects – this is for those of you who are still students!)

These two blogs are now my most preferred way of keeping in touch with the world. I get dozens of phone calls and emails every month from people simply asking ‘How are you doing?/ What are you doing these days?’ Now I cannot talk shop or gossip, or write back the same things over and over again, and most of my serious concerns are reflected in these blogs anyway, so the best thing these people can do, if they really want to keep in touch (which I strongly doubt sometimes!), is to read and comment on my blogs. My orkut community is nearly defunct, and Facebook is for duds (indeed, it’s most used by kids my daughter's age), so in order to communicate with people I prefer to use these blogs, besides email. 

I am already looking forward to this blog’s fifth birthday next year, by which time I should have more than 200 followers, and maybe the visit-count approaching the 100,000 mark. Do my readers have some ideas about how best to celebrate the occasion?


Vaishnavi said...

Dear Sir,

It would be lovely if you celebrated the fifth birthday of this blog with a collection of anecdotes or stories. I would love to read them and I am sure, so would many other readers :)


Shilpi said...

Suvro da,
I'm glad that you're looking forward to your blog's 5th Birthday. I certainly am.

But I thought we were going to have a party next June/July. Aren't we? Not a loud party - but maybe a noisy one. You can share some of your interesting and amusing tales at the party...and maybe it can be what you have mentioned every now and again, "a feast of reason and a flow of soul".

And we can put up some decorations and have a gigantic cake - a double chocolate one since Pupu loves chocolate - among other goodies...and you'll have to blow out the candles and make a wish.

It still would have been good to receive one of those very precious e-mails every once in a couple of months but I've been trying very hard to be stoic about their absence. I guess good things in life can't go on for years without changing form.
Thank God for both your blogs, I say.

Take care, and thank you for putting up essays so regularly.

Suvro Chatterjee said...

Thank you kindly, both. So nice that you bothered to come up with ideas like that - both sound good!

Odd that there have been only two comments here so far. And then some people will get back to me saying 'Just because we rarely take the trouble to respond you shouldn't think we don't care. It's just that we are so otherwise busy, you know...'!

Sreejith Nair said...

Dear Sir,
I have recently shifted my geographical base and have not had access to an internet connection since long. I shall re-start writing by this weekend. Sincere apologies for the inordinate delay.

Suvro Chatterjee said...

Well, at least one person had the courtesy (and the urge) to say 'sincere apologies'. In a cold and uncaring world, we must be thankful for small mercies!

DEBARATI said...

Dear Sir,

It's great news. Your blog is going to be a 5 year old kid now. Big girl(or boy! whichever you prefer!) I must say. Before I read the comments, the first thing that hit me, apart from throwing a birthday party and making a wish over a gigantic chocolate cake, was that if you and ALL your readers could post something over here: sharing some real life stories and some experience of how this blog made a difference in their lives.

Nevertheless, I want a bite of that cake. I love chocolate too!! :-)