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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Auld lang syne

college days (seems like yesterday)

there was a little sister...

holding a new born

when we were very young...

one year old

back to the past, in reverse order

A moment's halt, a momentary taste
Of Being, from the well amid the waste
And lo! - the phantom caravan has reach'd
The Nothing it set out from: Oh, make haste!


Shilpi said...

Suvro da,
Woke up and saw this. I'm going for a walk. What can I possibly write for this post?

And here's a hand my trusty friend
And gie's a hand of thine.
We'll take a cup of kindness yet;
for auld lang syne


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

It has been more than a year since I read The Rubayyat by Omar Khayyam. But some passages still ring in my ears as if I just read it yesterday!

I don’t know if I have discerned the meaning correctly but those lines are my favourites besides the 25th stanza (if they are called stanza). I feel myself inadequate to understand how time makes a dash despite reading about it in all the poems so far. But I hope that when am more mature and aged, both mentally and physically, I will be able to look back into my past without much regret.

I hope all of your readers will appreciate this blogpost as much as me.

Thank you.

Vaishnavi said...

Dear Sir,

I love these photos :) All of them are beautiful though if I had to pick one I would probably pick the fourth one. There is something so winsome about that picture, reminds of summer holidays when a horde of us kids used to be huddled on the bed watching movies like E.T. It would be lovely to see more posts like this Sir :)


The Dreamer said...

I like both the second picture from top, and the second picture from the bottom. Both reminiscent of childhood, kinship, belonging... Really nice!


Suvro Chatterjee said...

Hello... is it only women who look thoughtfully at pictures? (the two other comments which have come in so far - which I have not published for personal and non-spiteful reasons - also came from women!)

Sumi said...


Women are bigger sentimentalists than men; that's what I have always felt. And so our knack of remembering every date of significance (or insignificance), and digging up nostalgic bits from the past, et al :)


Sreejith Nair said...

Dear Sir,
This is your best post so far. I simply loved it. Plucks at the strings of my heart somewhere. The better among the best were Pictures number 2 and 5.
Thanks a lot for a small peek into the past.

Rajdeep said...

Thanks for sharing these precious snaps.

"Jiboner dhon kichui jaabe na phela,
Dhulae Tader Joto Hok Obohela."

Suvro Chatterjee said...

Those were some of my grandfather's most favourite lines, Rajdeep. Many thanks indeed...

devdas said...

Hello Suvro-da,

A few lines which I felt but again not a line by line translation:

ছিলো সেই এক সংখোচিলের ডানার মতো সকাল
কেটে গেলো দিন আনমনে জেনো সময় হয়েছে মাতাল
আজ কেনো গভীর রাত্রে মনে ভাবি একএকা ....
হে পুরাতন নূতন এর মাঝে পাই আমি তব দেখা ..
(chilo sei ek sonkhochiler danar moto sokal
kete gelo din anmone jeno somoy hoyeche matal
aaj keno govir ratre mone bhavi ekaeka
he puraton nutoner majhe pai ami tobo dekha)

When morning did spead her wings
I was left behind with my musings...
Dreaming of those days, sometimes I feel
May I get the old pain in new to heal?

Hope you may like,

Tanmoy said...

Dear Suvroda

Thanks for providing a peek into your life. All the pictures are so nice but the third and the fourth ones look really special. Black and White photography had its own charm.

Also, forgive me from saying this but for an one-year old you look so inquisitive (no doubt you turned out to be a knowledge hunter)- as if questioning the cameraman.

Really beautiful pictures.



Suvro Chatterjee said...

I have been told I look that way in the picture simply because I had just stopped crying!

Suvro Chatterjee said...

Funny that nobody but Titli noticed or thought fit to comment upon the appositeness or otherwise of that quote from Omar Khaiyyam!

Amit parag said...

Dear Sir,
Posts like this one allows me to feel that our relation as a teacher and his student are better than that between Dumbledore and Harry Potter.

Shilpi said...

1. The title I like. Quite appropriate. It's one of the two songs (Purano shei diner kotha being the other one) that I claim I can sing out loud, and I do.

2. I had been wondering what Anwesha was talking about in her very dignified and contained comment till I remembered the liners.

3. I read the entire Rubaiyat just now in hopes of some greater flash of understanding but it's the same as always: some bits I get, some bits I don't, some bits vanish, and some bits flash before they vanish, and some bits get me chuckling.

4. The liners are perplexing for this post and give me the chills from what I seem to understand of them (and that's not much). Why make haste? Make haste for what? And if I get the meaning right: the phantom caravan, I pray, can't have reached the nothing it set out from...

5. Nice pixes, all of them, in different ways. A Picture painting a thousand words and all that, but I'll just put in some:

I don't know whether both of you are looking out of a window or looking at people or something not there.

The first one would look good in the middle of a book of yours. You look much older than a college student.

And maybe that's why it seems the baby simply needs a good tickle or two.

Sorry for the somewhat late comment. It was because of the oddity of the post.
Take care.

Anirvan Choudhury said...

Respected Sir,

This is one of your best after the post on 'A father's abiding woe...'. Thanks for sharing with us moments of your Once upon a time with the most befitting words imaginable. Just like a symphony in frames.



Partha Chatterjee said...

Dear Sir,
After seeing the photographs I decided to look back upon some of the photographs of my childhood and adolesence.Photographs are mirrors of the past.They are story tellers.Every photograph comes with its own bag of memories.Some special,some forgetable.It is the optimist who leaves behind the unpleasant memories and derives strength from the happy memories to move ahead in life.


Shameek said...

Dear SIR,
This one is again one of your best posts.Thank you for posting these pictures and sharing those memories with us..and my favourite is picture number five..!!

aranibanerjee said...

This post shall be for the keeps. The fourth photo is so well shot--the use of light and the candid-ness of the moment--it is mesmerising.
No one takes such lovely photographs any longer. Especially of their own ones!
It took me to a world so personal and so lost. These photos brought tears to my eyes.
Warm cheers,