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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hello, everybody!

I am really beginning to enjoy the blogging experience at last, having found and begun to make friends with some fellow spirits who can really write well, write pretty often, and always have a lot of interesting things to say. To those who are regular visitors to this blog, several requests, again:

1. Do please visit these blogs I have listed in 'Blogs I often visit': just scroll down the right sidebar and you will find the list.

2. Do engage us all in frequent and stimulating conversations - we'll all enjoy them.

3. Do hurry up and vote on my poll: I am dying to see how soon the number of those who voted 'All of the above' crosses one hundred.

4. Do enlist on the 'follower' roll. I have got thirty there till the moment of writing, but I know dozens more visit this blog pretty often - are they absent minded, or just feeling shy?

5. New visitors: don't go away after just visiting my home page. Scroll down to the bottom and click on 'older posts'. There are lots of them now, and a few are sure to catch your eye. I shall be glad to have comments/observations/experiences to share in connection with any post. Nothing here is irrelevant and out of date. (N.B.: I'd particularly like comments to appear on my 'earliest posts' - see my labels on the right hand sidebar - which, I fear, have not been read by many visitors who have come to know this blog recently).

To those blogwriters on my list of frequently-visited blogs who write well but too rarely - Abhirup, Arani, Ishani, Nishant, Sayantani, Shilpi, Shubhabrata, Sudipto, Suvro Sarkar - do please write more often, at least once a month.

In a world where so many nice people are lonely most of the time because they have hardly anybody sensible and decent to talk to, I shall consider myself privileged if I can bring a lot of such people together in animated interactions over all sorts of interesting subjects.

P.S., Nov. 15: There are only 47 days left before the poll closes!


Chanchal said...

See this,


Santanu Sinha Chaudhuri said...

You have touched a chord with me when you said that many nice people are lonely because they do not have anyone to talk to. The dominating philosophy of our time is "greed is good and more greed is better". Those who don't share this world view are in a minority. Such specimens of humans are few and are scattered all over.

The Internet had to be invented at a time like this.

Subhasis Graham Mukherjee said...

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Subhanjan said...

Dear Sir,

I must say that your blog has influenced quite a few of your students and have motivated them to pen down their thoughts: Supra, Abhirup, Sudipto, Tanmoyda, and a few others too. And I make it a point to go through your blog and some of those in your blog list almost on a daily basis. I am really impressed by Supra's enthusiasm. She speaks from her heart in simple language. She is very clear in her thoughts. I hope she retains her ideals even when she grows up and faces the harsh world. I will be more than happy. So will be you.

I have been thinking for sometime whether I should be having a blog or not. All of you write so well. Who will read me?

But now I have finally decided to have a blog. I have made my blog in 'Blogger' itself. The name of my blog is - My Third Eye.

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In my blog I have posted a few pictures that I have taken in recent times. There are four categories. There is also another category which has my sketches.

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Alka Dwivedi said...

"In a world where so many nice people are lonely most of the time because they have hardly anybody sensible and decent to talk to, I shall consider myself privileged if I can bring a lot of such people together in animated interactions over all sorts of interesting subjects." These lines make me think. You are so right. I am so disgusted with people around me that I started thinking that something is wrong with me. But when I read your above written lines I feel hope. It means I am not alone. It really made my day or whatever the night part is left!

Suvro Chatterjee said...

I don't know how Google's search engine works, but I have noticed again and again that whenever I search for 'Suvro Chatterjee', one particular blogpost, titled 'Sudhirda', pops up at or near the very top of the list. I wonder why: is it because someone at Google liked it so much that she 'pegged' or 'flagged' it (or whatever term the young geeks use), or is it because that particular post happens to be the one most visited on my blog? If it is, I am glad for Sudhirda - I have made his memory famous beyond his wildest imaginings, this poor, half-literate man from a remote Medinipur village in West Bengal who's now been dead for more than two years. But why aren't other posts similarly highlighted? I have written a lot of different things by now, and several of them have made very interesting reading, as many people have kindly told me!

Subhasis Graham Mukherjee said...

The way Google's search engine works is quite perplexing. According to their Technology Overview - they use more than 200 signals, including their patented PageRank™ algorithm. The PageRank reflects their view of the importance of web pages by considering more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms. (whatever!)

sometimes, all this does result in some hilarious and 'embarrassing for Google' results.

do you'll know, till a year and bit back, what the top hit on a search on 'failure' would be?

for a hint on the answer, check out the search result on miserable failure

Alka Dwivedi said...

I get baffled by search engine's algorithms! You know, I get traffic for my blog from "suvro chatterjee wife" :-) It seems, you have got some competition from someone. :-)

Shilpi said...

Hey Suvro da, I thought I was checking everyday: your count has hit 105 for "all of the above". Nice. Nice. Nice.
When did that happen?
And I'm already waiting for a new post....
Regards and love.