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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Spare me!

Someone has just written as a comment on my blogpost titled ‘Freedom and responsibility’ – “I challenge you to write a blog on this topic i.e. YOUR perception of yourself. Let us see what you've got.” For his information, I posted exactly that, an essay titled ‘What sort of a person am I?’ quite some time ago: he simply didn’t have either the wit or the patience to look for it, though he had time and energy spilling over to write like that, imagining that it made him sound much smarter than he was. Now the comment (taken in its entirety) shows not only that the writer is not literate by the minimal standards of grammar and spelling (and, like 90% of the people I have perforce to deal with, will squirm and excuse himself if pressed by saying he was busy or isn’t too well used to using the keyboard or some garbage like that!), but also that it is beyond his mental capacity to read, absorb, assimilate, reflect upon and then comment on an essay like ‘Freedom and responsibility’ as a whole. Of course I forgive him for being intellectually challenged (alas, so many supposedly educated people are that way these days – so many MTechs and MBAs in India cannot make proper sense of Harry Potter, and an essay by Bertrand Russell would leave them gasping!), and don’t expect him to do any better with the other essay I have mentioned. But I wish that my blog would attract comments only from those above the sub-moronic level: is that too much to ask? – how stupid can one be not to be able to see that one’s fulminations are fuelled merely by ignorance, helpless envy and petty malice? Genuine criticism is both an art and a science, and requires profound cultivation of the mind: it’s simply not for those who are determined to imitate yapping curs!

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