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Saturday, February 03, 2007

looking for a very old friend; can somebody please help?

I have been desperately searching for many years for an old school chum by the name of Nilanjan Sen. He's a mechanical engineer from Jadavpur University, Calcutta and I think he got some sort of graduate degree in finance, currently with a finance-related IT manager in New York. Can someone PLEASE send me his email i.d.? If Nilu himself sees this, old friend, will he please send at least a line to suvro.chatterjee@gmail.com?


Subhasis said...

Nilu, Subhasis is also here with Suvro in this appeal. I am also in a mission to re-connect with some old buddies- now that this buddy of yours is starting to get old too (and learning to accept it). Time to think of younger days and only you'll can make me feel that way.

A friend from Jadavpur Civil 86 batch started a virtual e-re-union and e-adda group. It's going great and is lots of fun- hilarious re-collections of University life. Some old fights re-started too, unfortunately. Oh well, all part of the excitement I guess.

It's this fun experience that jogged my mind about Durgapur Xaviers buddies. The "Bees Saal Baad" (JU 86) effort turned out great, so why not go even further back? who knows what more fun awaits and lies untapped.

Suvro was the first one I tried and bingo! jackpot at first try! we need you now.

Let's rock and roll again dudes.


Subhasis said...

and BTW Suvro, he's not very old.

You still look very young and haven't changed and aged at all.

Nilu, also looks quite young and unchanged.

as for me, I'll send pictures soon. don't be shocked, don't laugh... hey we are all in our 40s.

should be around 43 for most of us.

that's not very old... is it?


The name is Panja...Palas Panja said...

Hi Suvro Da, the Nilanjan Sen that you had been looking out for, was he from ABL Township by any chance?

Suvro Chatterjee said...

Yes, he was. So do you know how I can contact him: ideally, his e-mail i.d.?