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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Why should I want to start a blog?

It is neither a case of vanity nor idleness, though I say so myself. I have been counselling people on almost every matter under the sun and giving encouragement and telling stories for well-nigh a quarter century, besides writing a considerable amount, both fiction and other stuff, and teaching all the time, with a short stint at journalism thrown in in between. Willy-nilly I have learnt a few interesting things about life and living, which I feel a never-ending urge to share with as many people as I can. Some of my ex-pupils, both young and not so young, have often expressed a wistfuless that they cannot keep in close and face-to-face contact any more; and disappointment that many of their friends have never had the chance to meet me and listen to me talk; some have even seen things I have written on the Net, and suggested that I start up a blog of my own. Hence this experiment. I would like my own old boys and girls to look up this site and post their comments and questions here first – then they might tell some friends to do the same. I have no desire whatever to impose myself as a fountain of wisdom upon the world: God knows there are too many like that around already, and I never thought that I was such a clever and profound person anyway. But it so happens that a very large number and variety of folks do keep looking me up and asking me about all sorts of things, from aeroplanes to love affairs, from literature to ecology, from health issues to career choices, so I thought that perhaps it mightn’t be a bad idea if I tried doing on the Net what I have naturally done for so many years with people face to face, so that my ‘net’ could be spread much wider, and a whole lot more people might derive the same kind of harmless enjoyment, if not benefit, that so many people close to me have done. Let’s see whether we can set a good thing going!
July 8, 2006


Ankan said...

A blog is definitely a great idea to keep in touch with students all around the world..especially it would provide something like a discussion forum with comments being exchanged as well. When we came to college, all of us were interested in writing blogs (the interest originating after seeing the blogs of our seniors), but most of it was regular life..or describing something that we see around us in a readable way.
I guess you can encompass a variety of topics starting from stories, current affairs to serious topics of discussion and we can speak forth our minds on the same.

Kanishka said...

I agree with Ankanda! I mean many of us here are frequent bloggers, but then those are simply a few personal experiences which we want to share, or as in my case, write down our feelings when our mind gwts a bit too jumbled up.
But using these blogs as a means of sharing your knowledge and experiences with us, and as a forum for discussions, is indeed a great idea!