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Monday, April 04, 2016


Biggest news of the new year: my parents have at long last moved back with me. I am now truly a happy man. I'll put up a photograph when they are in the mood for it...

Next one: a recent family crisis has proved - if I needed proof - that my daughter is not only all grown up, but actually far more grown up than most women twice her age. That is bliss.

The pageviews counter has jumped 10,000 in just a little more than a month. For some reason, a lot of people in a lot of places are reading this blog seriously and regularly. I wonder why, and I wish I could talk more with them.

Summer has set in, my new batches are full, I haven't made any major changes this year. So it will be like always, inshallah. I could do without another accident, though.

I am deep into a long essay on socialism and its necessity and prospects. It's a very adult subject, so all those who like to read about food and clothes and shoes and phones and romance and stuff will, I am afraid, have to stay away. But it will be sometime coming, because it's proving to be slow work. 

The Election Commission is sending around voter slips with photographs this time. A first. And a Booth Level Officer came over to enlist me as a 'non-partisan observer' for poll day. They are obviously taking their job seriously.

Bit news: I have given up one of my two vices. 


Tanmoy said...

Dear Suvroda

Great to hear that your parents have moved back. I wish I could keep mine here. Glad to hear about Pupu. Congratulations on your success with one of your vice and good luck with the other one. Hope you are happy always. Regards

Shameek M said...

Dear Sir,

It was indeed heartening to read both the 'biggest news', as well as the 'bit news'.. :) Wish you good health and happiness, as always..

Warm regards,