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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Others and us

I love to see that other people are thinking the same way I do about matters close to my heart. Here’s an article by Jug Suraiya in The Times of India that a pupil in my current class sent me the link to, and another, related one, which both Navin Rustagi and Rajdeep Seth thought fit to draw my attention to. Navin is doing a post-doc in math in the US, while Rajdeep teaches English in Japan. That sort of thing does not stop them from thinking about other things, including civilisational issues. Thanks, Pritam, Navin and Rajdeep.

1 comment:

Navin said...

Dear Sir,

I am thankful to you for sharing this post with readers of your blog. I am sure I would not have had this wide an audience for this newsitem had it not been for your post. And congratulations on hitting 300000 hits.

with regards,