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Friday, November 22, 2013

Bangla once more

এক যে ছিল ছোট্ট মেয়ে 
 দেখত জগত দুচোখ চেয়ে 
বাবার প্রানের লক্ষ্মী পুপে 
ভুবন আলো তারই রূপে 
দেখতে খুকুর লাগত ভাল 
নিশার শেষে ভোরের আলো 
নিদ্রা মগন মা আর বাবার 
মাঝখানেতে রইত চুপে। 

একটুখানি বাড়লে বেলা 
আকাশ বাতাস চাইত তারে 
তখন ভারী ব্যস্ত হয়ে 
ডাকত সবায়  তারস্বরে 
সুপ্তিকাতর বাবাটিকে 
তুলতে চাইত প্রানপনেতে 
আঁচড়ে , কামড়ে , খিমচে , মেরে 
যত ক্ষণ না মামণি তার 
বাবার প্রতি মায়ার বশে 
অতি কষ্টে শয্যা ছেড়ে 
বুকের মধ্যে জাপ্টে ধরে 
দিয়ে আসত  বাহির দ্বারে 
দোকান ঘরে রূপার পাশে 
সেইখানেতে আধেক সকাল 
কাটত খুকুর হেসেখেলে। 

I am not much of a versifier, but I have written a poem now and then. I composed this one upon a sudden whim to entertain my own daughter, when she was about seven or eight, I think. Can't be sure...


Shilpi said...

I found this now and it was a visual and aural delight reading and re-reading it. I went back to search for the title of your poem and there isn't one. Can't think of what it could be but "Poupee". "...not much of a versifier"? You can say you've forgotten much of your math and science and economic theory and French grammar and some of the rest of what you say sometimes - but I can't see how you can be 'not much of a versifier'. People have reported that you've written poems in French. You'll say that falls in the 'now and then'. But your stories and essays even have your own 'poem lines' in between. You probably didn't write all the poems you could have, which somehow isn't really the same as being 'not much of a versifier'.

Thank you for putting this one up and sharing it.

Saikat Chakraborty said...

Dear Sir,

This is the first poem penned by you that I have come across and that too in mother tongue. Thanks for sharing it. And I completely agree with Shilpi di in the fact that I am also unable to see how you can be 'not much of a versifier'.

With regards,

Tanmoy said...

Dear Suvroda

This is beautiful.

Kind regards

Debarshi_Saha said...

Dear Sir,

Warm regards. That is wonderful indeed!! :) The shades of simplicity and sheer delight are very evident in this one!

With best wishes,

P.S- A small continuation.. (Written as if you, Sir, might have written it, now...) :)

"Amar duchokh jure khuku ke dekhte lagto bhalo,

Se je amar prokrito noyoner aalo..

Shomoy boye giyeche majhe onek,

Prachurjyer majhe peyechi dukkho onek,

Ekhono tar hashi bhase mon jure,

Cheyechilem je phool Unaar kache,

peyechi taake pupe'r majhe jogot ghure,

Khushi hoyto khoniker, dukkho hoyto ba shamoyik,

Khuku'r sei daak shomoyer paar hote fire ashe aaj'o,

Pupu amar hridoyer moni, amar bhalobasha take ghire rakhe ekhono,

se je amar pother suru o shesh, aar ami je jibon pothik!"

With best wishes,

Subhanjan Sengupta said...

Three lines that touched me most:

Babar proti mayar boshe, Oti koste sojjya chere. Buker moddhey japte dhore ...

I do not have a child now. But one day when I am going to become a dad, and hold my child close to my chest, these words will ring in my mind. Simple words, but so beautifully placed.

Thank you for sharing Sir.

P.S: Sir, I opened it on another system and it showed there. Finally I was able to read it.

Suvro Chatterjee said...

Thank you, all five. Debarshi, I am deeply touched.

ananya mukherjee said...

Dear Sir,
The poem is really wonderful Sir. Thank you for sharing it.
with regards,

Soham Mukhopadhyay said...

Dear Sir,
This poem is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us,Sir. And I agree with Subhanjanda regarding those lines as well. I liked them the most.

with warm regards,

Sunandini Mukherjee said...

Dear Sir,
The poem is beautiful and is capable of bringing a smile to any girl who is her father's darling.

Shameek M said...

Dear Sir ,

This is truly beautiful..!! Simple, yet touching. Thank you for sharing this!!!

With regards,