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Thursday, October 17, 2013

And so, it is done

I am fifty as of today.

For once, at a loss for words. Or rather, don't feel like writing much...

If you are interested, I shall point you to old posts titled 'Auld lang syne', 'Forty five and counting' and the recent one titled 'Almost there'.

Biggest lesson learnt in all these years: love is too commonly faked. And people do it quite unselfconsciously,  too.

Most important resolution: to be much more picky, and much less forgiving. I absolutely hate being taken for granted, and that's what everybody seems to do, sooner or later. Surely I am now at an age when I can do without it?

Enough said.


Debarshi_Saha said...

Dear Sir,

Warm regards. :)

This time, even I shall not use too many words- just this, that may your lamp go on burning bright for as many years as you might wish!You should be picky, and may I always be able to measure up to your standards of evaluation- the responsibility solely lies with me, the judgment with you, Sir..

Happy Birthday again! and I leave you with Victor Hugo's words..

"Forty is the old age of youth; fifty the youth of old age!"

More joy, and more light to you, Sir.

With best wishes,

aranibanerjee said...

I shall always remember you as the most youthful and energetic teacher I've ever had. It is easy to feign youth and some of your colleagues did that but with very little success. I am thirty-three with lots of ailments peeping here and there, tired and pessimistic. In you there is a lot more vitality, within and without. You can walk a mile faster than we can, read a book more wholeheartedly, swim, do yoga, and work with passion and perfection relentlessly. People half your age need sedatives, anti-diabetic and anti-gastric pills to manage half of what you did.
As for being picky, there will always be some who will always be there with heart and hearth even if they are a thousand miles away.
Warm regards and cheers for the many years ahead,

Navin said...

Dear Sir,

All the very best on your birthday. I hope many more years of good health for you.



Aritra Roy said...


A very happy birthday. You are and always be Feluda to me.


ananya mukherjee said...

Dear Sir,
Warm regards.Wish you a very happy birthday Sir.I don't know how pertinent my comment will sound but this post reminds me of an incident that took place exactly a year back when we used to attend your classes. Just after the pujos some of us claimed that you had promised to provide us with an extra class during our pujo vacation to which you had only asked almost in surprise"Promised?Did I really say so?" Well, then finally we managed to convince that you had really made a promise and that we were in dire need of a class because we had to complete such a vast syllabus..... and many such excuses so that finally you agreed to our proposal. I still smile broadly thinking how happy I had been to attend that class. We had lied Sir. Actually our term was going to come to an end very soon and therefore some of us just wanted to spend some more time with you. I really really miss those days Sir and I hardly feel that a year has passed since then.
My bijaya pronaam to you and kakimoni and best wishes to Pupu.Take care.

Soham Mukhopadhyay said...

Dear Sir,
I wish you a very happy birthday. Although it has been five years since the last class at your house ,it seems like only a moment ago that I was with you. And with every passing year I realize how true are the lessons that you taught us and how useful they are in our daily lives. May I always live up to your expectations and I wish you happiness and good health for all the years ahead. Take care, Sir.
(and please pardon me for the delay..)
with warm regards,

Sunup said...

Sir, wish you a very happy birthday! May God continue blessing you in life. You've taught me Moral Science in class 8 and English in class 10, and those were my best hours in school. Thanks for everything.

Loving regards

santanu Chatterjee said...

It is two weeks since you wrote your last post. Dark ages do not come
because frauds, cheats, opportunists are out in the street, but when reasonable men become recluse. Anyway, a belated birthday gift for you: