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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Riding on top of the world

My young friend Gourav is a biker with a difference. He has recently returned from a motorcycle odyssey from Manali to Leh and back. He had asked me to go with him: for a lot of reasons, some silly and some serious, I couldn't. In the event he went alone. He has now sent me this link to some wonderful photographs he took on the way. Do send in your words of appreciation, here or at his blog where he has recently put up his own post based on his travel diary. 


Team Wanderlust said...

Thank you so much, Sir!

Rashmi Datta said...

Hello Gouravda,

I am one of Sir’s students. I had heard about your bike trip to Leh from Sir. My heartfelt congratulations to you on completing such a challenging and soulful odyssey. I am glad that you have reached back safely. I had read about a motorbike trip to Leh in a book and it is a most pleasant and exciting feeling to actually go through the writings and photos taken by someone who has done it personally. Indeed, it needs a tremendous amount of courage to even embark on such a trip.

The photographs are a feast to the soul and the eyes, particularly those of the Himalayan peaks partially hidden by the clouds, the winding roads and the azure lake. The various sign boards are very amusing. All the photos seem to be throbbing with life.

I have gone through your travel diaries on your blog and have had a wonderful time reading about your various bike trips. I think the tagline for your biking gang is very apt and nice. May you have many more such fulfilling and exciting trips.

Many thanks to you and Sir for sharing your experiences with us readers.

Warm regards,

Team Wanderlust said...

Thank you Rashmi for such kind words. Yes, the trip broke my back but strengthened my soul. I have had great moments which I will soon share in my blog. Few highlights for now:
1. The cheerful 'Juley' greeting from everyone on the streets, perfect strangers smiling at you
2. The unpredictable weather - cloud, rain, snow and sunshine within 5 hours in the same day
3. Crossing the second highest motorable road on earth when it was snowing
4. The blues of Pangong Tso, a hundred different shades all at the same time
5. Making friends with other travelers, many of them sophisticated world travelers who lose their world-weariness in Ladakh and give in to its quiet charm, some for months on end…

Abhishek Anand said...

Dear Gourav da,

Those photos are simply amazing. It appears as if I am viewing them live. Indeed, your team is doing a fantastic job. That challenging journey's successful completion speaks a lot about you all. Your life, unlike that of most Indians, is as thrilling a one life could be. My heartiest congratulations. Keep up the great work.

Respected sir,

Thank you for making available these brilliant photos to your countless readers. The way you appreciate such works is worth appreciating.

Yours faithfully,
Abhishek Anand

Dipanwita Shome said...

You know, Gaurav, I had promised my husband (much to his chagrin!) that I would never go to Ladakh for (to quote Sir) ‘some silly and some serious’ reasons. . But, your photographs have thoroughly inspired me to go to this wonderful place. While one of my friends who has been there, tells me that it is heart-rendingly beautiful, I must say that your photographs are an apt tribute to the beauty I have heard described. Do keep up the good work and I pray that you continue to go on many such wonderful trips and that you may continue to bring back memories captured in film for us.

Team Wanderlust said...

Thanks Abhishek and Dipanwita for your encouraging words. A trip to Ladakh is always special, and they say that no two journeys on that road are ever the same. Personally, I didn't head off to Ladakh in search of adventure. What drove me was plain curiosity and the joy of travel - the wanderer as the seeker. Adventure just happens. In the entire trip, I never knew what lay ahead. This alone felt thrilling sometimes, especially the nights before crossing world's three highest motorable roads. The sensation was so intense because often you're higher than the maximum permissible ceiling for commercial skydiving (15,000 ft).

I am glad that you have liked my odyssey and endeavour to ride solo on top of the world.