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Friday, March 09, 2012

Landmarks coming up

I am getting a little excited now – and as my readers know, I don’t use that word easily. Two reasons: the number of members publicly following this blog is approaching 250, which is respectable (since I know several hundred others visit without having enlisted as members, and since most personal non-celebrity blogs I look up have far fewer members), and the visit count is nearing the 100,000 mark; also, next month will see the tenth anniversary of my resignation from my last salaried job. Which is going to happen sooner, I wonder?

And meanwhile, will regular readers help me along by suggesting things they want me to write on – things that can be accommodated within the 1000-1200 word range I usually stick to? I especially ask those friends who have been devotedly following almost right since the time I started, back in 2006…


aranibanerjee said...


I have some memories of Durgapur, not particularly of people, but the place with its wide roads walled by tall eucalyptus trees, and the sodium lights. I have memories of how Vivekananda Road used to be in the eighties and the 'Stalin Grad' of Durgapur--Asoke Avenue. I would love to know what growing up in Durgapur was like in the seventies. What was our school like? I have heard from my father that he had seen Shombhu Mitra and Utpal Dutt in Durgapur. Were people slightly less crass, more aware or was it a dead pan, even then?

Looking forward to a post on this and the blog reaching the 100,000th mark.

With warm regards,

Shilpi said...

Hi Suvro da,

A low (and somewhat) mellow bellow of a 'Three cheers' is hovering around with me.

I've been looking at that counter expectantly, and I'm waiting eagerly (and yes, with excitement) for it to flip over the 100,000 visits. The 10 year anniversary of yours of 'flying solo' as a private tutor is certainly something that's also been there (Boudi too reminded me of this and told me to keep it in mind the last time I chatted with her just post the New Year). I did sort of lose track of the 'follower' count though.

I'm wondering about what will happen sooner as well, and what might transpire together through the coming months. Got my own prayers going strong.

I can't think of something specific I would like you to write upon though. Here I'm as muddled as ever. A mixed travelogue of places visited and sights seen might be nice, as would be a piece about different characters from fiction and history who have you interested and intrigued. Short poem posts too would be welcome with some your own liners thrown in to the poems themselves. The posts on teaching and education (although all your posts are ribboned to both!), I'll have en eye and a ear open. Anything you write is perfectly welcome.

Very many wonderful wishes....

Arijit said...

Respected Sir,
I want some posts on arts, entertainment,philosophy and some more thought provoking yet funny posts on your other blog.
Congratulations and keep up your good work.
Thanking you.
Yours faithfully,
Arijit Bhowmick.

Debarshi Saha said...

Respected Sir,

Warm regards.I might suggest these topics,Sir,if you should so wish...

1.On more books you have cherished reading.
2.Movies that warmed your heart.
3.A snap-shot of your classes on a typical day.
4.What you feel about writing in general.
5.On abstract issues that manifest themselves tangibly.
6.On contradicting ideologies that have perplexed you.
7.Stories from your life.
8.Food for thought-on love and the like.
9.On the technology you would like to see implemented.
10.On the qualities in your students you have observed,and would further like to see.
12.More fiction stories,albeit incomplete,Sir...so that I might be able to pen sequels to them..:)
13.Incidents you would term as very significant in your life.
14.The true purpose of a blog.
15.Subliminal influences on the people of today.
16.Reflections on your journey of Life.

Sir,I can suggest some more;but,let's see whether these appeal to you.

With best wishes,

Sayan Datta said...

Dear Suvro Sir,
I would love to read about and maybe listen to the songs which may have moved you deeply, particulary those in Bangla, ranging perhaps from the ones that provide some degree of comic relief without resorting to profanity, to the emotional, to the devotional and utterly profound (such as Brahma Sangeet) and how they have affected you personally.
Sayan Datta

Saikat Chakraborty said...

Dear Sir,

I would like to see more posts on the following topics-

1.Memories of your school days.
2.Durgapur in your eyes over the years.
3.People you know personally and who had great influence in shaping your life.
4.More stories and essays written by you.
5.Your views about Indian movies,actors and directors(both present and past) and some Indian films that touched you.
6.About contemporary Indian politics and its future.
7.Things you really want to do after you retire from your professional life.

I can feel your excitement about the visit count after all the effort you have given to make this blog.

With warm regards,

Abhishek Das said...

Dear Sir,

The count approaching the 100000 mark is encouraging and exciting for me too. One thing for sure is that there are still a lot of people and students who like your thoughtful reviews and the comments bear a testimony to their brooding over these topics.
Though I have come across your blog recently and have read only a few of the articles till date, I would really like to know your views on a variety of topics (I don’t know if you have already written such articles): your take on India’s controversial issues like reservation policy, food security policy or stiff opposition to developmental projects, a bit about St. Xavier’s at your time, failures you faced in your life and the lessons learnt. One question that has lingered too long in my mind but never found the right person to address it: Since you have been to the West, can you say what differentiates us from them. I have only read in books about their punctuality, cleanliness and discipline. Are these traits the sole reason for their progress?
I am still going through your older blogs and contemplating over them. May be I’ll get some of my questions answered as I go through some of them.
With warm regards,

Abhishek Das

Suvro Chatterjee said...

I should like to interject at this point to say thank you to those who came in with so many suggestions for future blogposts. They have set me thinking. Notice that there are some requests in common - about my memories of Durgapur in my childhood and of school life, for example. I'll try to come up with something along those lines soon. In any case, the inputs will stay in my mind for a long time.

Abhishek, yes, continue exploring the blog. I have written a great deal in six years, so perhaps you might find that something you are looking for is already there. The labels on the right hand sidebar should help...