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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Now it's Facebook

An old boy sent me a very sardonic little Bangla essay mocking the ongoing Facebook mania, and my daughter has written her own blogpost around it. Do take a look...

Anybody remember orkut today? I wrote a post titled 'orkut, anyone?' years ago. The reader might visit that too, and then look up this link once again.


Suvro Chatterjee said...

Thanks, everybody who made my daughter happy by visiting her blogpost and (especially-) commenting on it.

DEBANIK said...

Dear Suvro

The surprising thing is that your daughter writes better English than you do. She is more fluid and somehow natural.
(while remaining equally rich & dignified).

Had I known her even as I do you, (met you perhaps twice at the most in 1982 while visiting cousins Munna & Neenadidi in your town)
I would have posted a comment there.

I had twice deactivated my facebook a/c. But my "children " (young adults I have trained, taught or coached around the country) had got ballistic - yes !

They felt I was letting them down.
They prefer it as a medium of staying in touch --somehow.
(So do a few aged friends abroad.)

This despite me never having gotten populist or, on occasion, even polite. When they spew their Z-rich and K-rich lingo (eg:- okiezzz, lolzzz, skul, kewl)
I may mock them less than gently.

Today, though,
I piggybacked on your daughter instead - without permission !
Doing, I guess, what the Ogabogas and Jodumodus do, I leveraged the open-source, free-for-all nature of the medium and posted the URL of her blogspot right up on my facebook wall.
(along with a 1-line cue of my own).

They are all older than her. Let them see a schoolgirl writing properly.
In our dismal times, may God bless the oasis of education that you seem to have created in your family.