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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Setting up this blog and keeping at it for more than three years without a break is the best thing I have done over the last decade. I cannot thank blogger deeply enough for what it has done for me. Every now and then, thanks to it, someone or the other who had lost touch with me a long time ago and badly wanted to get back in touch but didn't know how to, manages to contact me and say hello and pick up the threads. It has happened once again, with a very bright and pretty young thing whom I loved heart and soul when she was a child. She has now grown up into a fine young woman, and I didn't know she remembered so much and so well and so lovingly, and that she was so keen to say hello and start afresh. She has come back into my life like a gust of the purest scented air, and I suddenly feel ten years younger - though rueful, too, that so many years have gone waste. In the interests of privacy I cannot say who she is, but when she reads this she will know, and I guess she will join me in saying 'Thank you' to blogger.com. Long live the internet!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I can appreciate what a boon the net is. I, unlike many of the people commenting here in this blog, didn't have the luck to be in your classes and so the only way I came to know you and kept in touch with you was the internet.

It's really good to see that apart from the orkut sms scraps, twitter etc, the net is being is used for better and healthier purpose. I mean what better than reconnecting with some long lost acquaintance, friend or relative?

I hope more events like this take place...

Suvro Chatterjee said...

I should have said thank you a long time ago, Zenith: so sorry.

To the extent that I have briefly lighted up any person's life, my own life has not gone in vain...