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Monday, March 09, 2009

Small request

I am back after a busy and stressful fortnight-long hiatus, though it will take a while yet to get back into my normal stride. Please bear with me...
Meanwhile, a request. Please visit Shilpi's blog and Amrit's blog, read and comment there. I do not easily endorse other people's work. Unless you are a no-brainer (in which case you shouldn't be visiting this blog either), you will find these blogs rewarding, thought-provoking and even disturbing.
[Disclaimer: all my recommendations do not apply to juvenile people, whether they are 15 or 55!]

1 comment:

Shilpi said...

Suvro da,
I have said "thank you" in my head and out-aloud and to the windows at least 97 times. Don't know whether you heard me - so "wow" and "thank you". I did spend a considerable amount of time alternating between different emotions on reading this post (and once I stopped pretending that you hadn't put it up...)

On another (somewhat or maybe not connected) note: I think I'm steadily resembling an alarmingly self-obsessed, smug, grumpy, cantankerous and crotchety old grouch these days....however, I think it's something similar to a spring equinox (comes and goes).
Thank you, once again....
Take care, and all the best. Love,