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Sunday, November 16, 2008

A warm thank you!

I have just visited this blog and found that 150-plus visitors have very kindly voted on my poll already, and more than a hundred have clicked on the option of ‘All of the above’ (there are 45 days left to vote still, so I shall keep expecting more). I am aware that people visit this blog from all over my town, and from many cities across India, and from Japan and New Zealand and Singapore and the US and maybe elsewhere too. It truly gives me a good feeling; to be able to sit in the comfort of my home and write as and when I please about whatever interests me, and know that I am being read by so many of very different ages and dispositions, so near and far. My pleasure would be greatly enhanced if I got more comments which could initiate long and exhilarating conversations in which many readers could join in. I also, once more, invite suggestions from all readers about what they want me to write on next: please send such requests as comments here itself, so that I can find all suggestions in one place, and attend to them one by one to the best of my ability.

My best wishes to all my readers and their loved ones. May we all become better friends with the passage of time!


Tanmoy said...

Dear Suvroda

Pleasure and knowledge is all mine when I read you.

It is nice that so many people read you and I am sure many more shall read. At times the impetus to write is even larger when you know there are some people reading. As far as what you may write in future – I have always thought you were tremendously well read on History. I still remember the days when you taught me the subject. It would be interesting to see you write some of the historical events or perhaps people well forgotten in history, who could have taught the youth a lesson or two even in modern world.

One feedback on the website - The programs quote of the day, endangered species of the day and bizarre trivia makes the page difficult to load at times. I am not sure if everyone faces it but since internet here sometimes get slow I tend to face that. I felt; let me tell you as a feedback about the site.

Lots of wishes, Tanmoy

Subhasis Graham Mukherjee said...

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Partha Chatterjee said...

I have always cherished reading your posts. They have been thought provoking and at the same time soothing. My personal favourite is the 'Books and movies' section.On that note I would request you to write a post on Christopher Nolan's latest hit "The Dark Knight".It has been ranked third on the list of all time best movies.
On the whole it has been a pleasure reading here.

Suvro Chatterjee said...

Hard luck, Partha: "The Dark Knight" left me unfazed. And as for public ratings, if you knew anything about how those figures are manipulated these days, you wouldn't bother to be impressed. The very expression 'greatest of all time' indicates that it's a fool talking to other fools - 'all time' includes all the future, and how does the commentator know about the future? Don't such things occur to your generation any more?

To give you one unpleasant reminder: I remember the global hooha when 'Titanic' was released: now CDs are available in street-corner video stores for ten rupees a night, and hardly anybody bothers to watch it! 'All-time' greats shouldn't be so easily forgottten!

Subhasis Graham Mukherjee said...

Suvro's writing

Suvro's writing has always been of the highest quality and much ahead of his age (both his chronological age and the times).

He's done quite well as a journalist- something probably inspired and encouraged by Chatterjee Senior. One of the first of Suvro's writings to be published in a magazine of repute was written by him when he was in Grade 7 or 8 for Durgapur Mail. People in the Mail were convinced that Chatterjee Senior wrote it and was passing it off as Suvro's- he had a hard time convincing them of the fact that it was indeed written by Suvro.

(Some of the facts stated above may be a bit off- Suvro can rectify)

In school his writings, both in English and Bangla would be shown and read to students two grades senior.

Shilpi said...

Yikes, to Partha's comment. I liked "The Dark Knight" enough for a single watch - but to imagine that it can actually be ranked just goes to show what movie watching means these days. And I'm still chuckling about Suvro da's comment regarding the "all time". Even if I don't pay any attention to the "all time" - what about the movie makes it stand out as a great movie, even on its own terms!
The Dark Knight is better than the Titanic though, which was a ghastly movie indeed.