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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

How to comment, argue, disagree

I found the following very helpful link on the Net today. It's a great little primer on how civilised argumentative discourse ought to proceed:

I hope all those who wish to comment on my blog would read up that essay first!


SleepyPea said...

Ha!Ha! This is a marvellous link, and it's quite evident that your detractors have not gone beyond stage 0 and 1. Speaks a lot for their mental age.
But really, I don't expect your detractors to be able to read and comprehend the article. They don't understand your straightforward instructions on your blog. They seem far too illiterate, ignorant, uneducated, and mentally thwarted to understand your repeated and very clear instructions even.

Debotosh Chatterjee said...

Has anyone seen the kind of language Suhel Seth and Pritish Nandy have been using on twitter? Its utterly shameful for such 'grown-ups' to use such language while in a social networking site ! Reminds me of what sir had said after he discovered the kind of foul language that xaverians were using in orkut !

(this comment may be just off the mark ,sorry if it is so !)

Suvro Chatterjee said...

Some people will do literally anything to catch the public eye for a fleeting moment, even pee in full public view. Their numbers are increasing by leaps and bounds. You and I need to learn not only not to pay attention to them, but take pride in the fact that we don't. Simply because unlike them, we have better things to do.