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Friday, December 07, 2007

A word to all visitors, again!

[This is a re-issue of a previous post]
I am gratified to see that of late there have been lots of visitors to my blog (I have installed a counter). However, there are a few things I should like to say:

1. To those who are good folks, and read with intelligent interest, first - a warm thank you. Please do scroll down the right of the home page and click on the links provided to read older stuff - I have been posting since July 2006, and every time you click on an earlier post, you will see still older ones shown as links along the right of the page again. Maybe you will find and like something you have missed. I get lots of nice responses by email and over the telephone and face to face, but I shall be happiest if I get them here, on my blog itself. Also, please post your name (I am sorry, but I will NOT let in anonymous comments, or comments with weird names which are obviously fictitious - even if they say nice things!), and if possible, your email i.d., too, so that I might get back to you if I want to engage you in conversation. Go ahead and let me know who you are: only the mentally sick and those who are scared because they know they are writing offensive trash need to hide! - You might kindly suggest subjects on which you want me to write, and I shall try to oblige, within the limits of my interests and knowledge.

2. To those who dislike me, and/or are entirely incapable of reading (leave alone understanding) long and serious posts on any subject, my request for the umpteenth time is - please don't take the trouble of visiting! I won't miss you.

3. To those who are vicious enough and unemployed enough to keep trying to get through with pure and senseless abuse, I can only repeat, please stop wasting your own time. I alone judge what is to be allowed in as commentary, my own standards alone matter here, like it or not, and rude/silly/irrelevant/uninformed posts simply do not fit the bill, so they will never be allowed; as a rule I don't even read them through before I delete them (these days some of my ex-students do that for me too, so I never even get to see them!). That you bother to keep on hammering away merely reveals how desperately you burn with hatred and jealousy and the knowledge that you can't do a thing about it to rattle me. My happiness and enjoyment of my work is not something that your puny powers of invective can disturb.

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