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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's very funny

...that a lot of people feel this terrible compulsion to visit my blog only so that they may spew venom at me! Whether I write about love or Harry Potter, careers or religion, whether I post stories that I have written or poems that have charmed me, whether I pay tribute to an old faithful servant who has passed away or review a book, all these creatures can say (and I am sure they never read all this stuff, let alone understand, reflect and appreciate) is that I am so selfish and self-obsessed. And in their book anyone who comments with courtesy and knowledge and understanding is automatically a flunkey, whereas they are 'true' critics merely because they can so easily abuse things that they don't understand, nor care to!
The most wonderful thing is that these critters can dish it out but they can't take it: they cannot recognise their own crudeness, hollowness and uncouthness as such, but when I return it in the same coin with interest (having always believed in Lincoln's dictum, 'be gentle with the gentle, and harsh with the harsh'), they find me unbearably hurtful.
For heaven's sake, who ever compelled them to visit my blog in the first place?


Sudipto pondering said...

You know, that's the rule of the day. When you can't beat someone in reality: try to pull him/her down by using cheap methods. And that is often 'impressive' too: to equaly foolish morons.

sayan_sujit said...

Maybe they do so because deep inside they know that what you say is the truth.They only don't want to accept the truth.Maybe they are not yet ready to accept the truth.

Sayan Datta

Suvro Chatterjee said...

Dear 'Kirti Parekh',
If you could even read, you'd have found out that all the likes of you need to do is stay off my blog. Who's bugging you to keep visiting it? You don't like me - why, that's just fine! I'm sure you have lots of company: I suggest that you people get together to start up a 'We-hate-Suvro-Chatterjee' site, as I have said before. This blog is strictly for me and people who like me/whom I like; call us all sorts of names on your own page, mine is not for you!