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Saturday, July 08, 2006

First foray

I have been repeatedly told by a lot of ex-students that they want me musing on the Net. At 43, I thought I should make a beginning. So here's reaching out, in the hope of seeing some folks getting back to me. Lots more can follow.

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Amit parag said...

"If you visit this blog often, you are probably an intelligent, sensitive and thoughtful person. Do tell five like-minded friends to visit, read and comment.

Sir,I have been trying to persuade boys here (and tried to force some of your old students here) but to no avail.They don't come,no matter what.Some do not have 'time',others are not interested.These idiots living here(more than ninety thousand of morons from all over the country) are not interested in anything.By far their favourite author is Chetan Bhaghat.Life here is depressing and has made me a total recluse(have stopped talking even with old Xaverian's here,what to do, no other choice).This is the single reason that I have nearly stopped preparing for IITJee and diverted my interest in SAT.I cannot hope to live with the same morons again for four years.Can you believe it,Sir, that there is not a single bookshop that sells any book other than those meant for IIT!! and Kota is said to be a city.Sometimes when I talk about old times with ex Xaverian's,naturally you have been the subject of our talks so many times as pinhead Devasy,which is to say many times(do not take offence ,Sir, at being linked with the complete dotard Devasy:since the old boys here are far away from Devasy's grasp,they find it highly amusing to villify him all too frequently),all praise you(few dont,though they have learnt better to take care what they say in front of me. once they had seen me flare up like Hagrid and say -Never insult Duvro Sir in front of me ) but not one of them could even remember (or follow) what you said.They are so eloquent in their panegyric that they don't even understand that it downright insults the fact that they studied under you-after all what purpose is it to praise a teacher when you can't recall what he said.
Guess you might had also suffered from loneliness at times.Do write about your experiences,both as a student and as a journalist(read that a big nobody asked you once about your favourite writer and you said Bertrand Russell,infer that Mr. I-Am-A-Big-Man was totally confunded).Your experiences and insights would greatly benefit half baked sophomores like me.
With regards,